The Inaugural Qld AgTech Month was in November 2019!



If you’re in AgTech, Queensland’s the place to be in November with AgTech events held across the state!

'Why compete when you can collaborate?

Reflections on the inaugural Qld Agtech Month, by Jacqui Wilson-Smith


This year I've had the privilege to be a part of an informal cluster group (a gang of 12 likeminded agri-food people) across regional, rural and remote Queensland, all working together to promote AgTech throughout November.

It all started in early 2019 when Liz Alexander (Emerald), Bruce McConnel (Toowoomba) and Jess Fealy (Tablelands) attended a food industry leadership forum in Boulder Colorado, supported by Advanced Queensland. While on tour they released they were all hosting AgTech events in Queensland in November 2019.

Faced with two options, to compete or collaborate, the three visionary AgTech leaders chose the latter and joined forces. And they didn't just stop there. They reached out and invited their networks in industry, academia and government across Queensland to be a part of a cooperative campaign to promote AgTech in November.

Representing the greater Sunshine Coast and as former Chair of the Food and Agribusiness Network (FAN), I quickly jumped on board. As to did with Ben Lyons (Toowoomba), Julia Telford (Goondiwindi), James Walker (Longreach), Fleur Anderson (Theodore), Baden Uren (Gold Coast), Garnet Radford (Balonne), Jason Huggins (DAF) and Kirsty Hodgen (TIQ).


Our informal group had shared values and goals, and a real desire to work together to celebrate AgTech in Qld. We also engaged House of Communications as the communications agency to support the group.

The output of our collaboration was the creation and launch of Queensland AgTech Month (QAM) in November 2019, a celebration of the ever-growing AgTech community of big thinkers, forward planners and invested innovators who call Queensland home. During QAM, more than 10 AgTech events were held in every corner of the state, placing a spotlight on those leading the sector from rural and regional Queensland.

I think QAM is an excellent example of how by working together, you can achieve so much more than going it alone. Why compete when collaboration is the alternate strategic choice?

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Jacqui Wilson-Smith

Founder & Director – Sustainable Innovation Co

Non-Executive Director – Food Agility

Co-founder & former Chair – Food Agribusiness Network (FAN)


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November 1 2019 marked the start of inaugural Qld AgTech Month

If you’re in agriculture, technology, innovation or entrepreneurship, Queensland’s the place to be in November – that’s the message from organisers of the inaugural Qld AgTech Month, officially starting on Friday 1st November 2019.

The ever-growing AgTech community of big thinkers, forward planners and invested innovators who call Queensland home will be celebrated – and encouraged to collaborate – during Qld AgTech Month which is proudly promoting the many AgTech events held in every corner of the state throughout November.

The inaugural awareness month is placing a spotlight on those leading the sector from rural and regional Queensland and is the result of a powerful conversation between Queensland entrepreneurs and AgTech leaders.

Qld AgTech Month group member James Walker from AgriHive, Longreach said the working group cluster wants to shine a light on the leadership and complex problem solving being undertaken throughout the state in the AgTech sector.

“This really is all about showcasing the resilience and agility of Queensland farming that will benefit local agriculture and encourage overseas investors to investigate the potential of the state’s AgTech sector,” Mr Walker said.

“Our group is driven by the motto, ‘We take the best of Queensland and share it with the world - and take the best of the world and share it with Queensland’,” he said.

Fellow group member Jess Fealy from Startup Tablelands, Mareeba said the group is committed to ensuring that the local AgTech sector continues to grow through building a solid culture of collaboration.

“There are more than 10 AgTech events being held throughout November – from pitch competitions to research conferences to hands-on workshops to field days and forums,” Mrs Fealy said.

“Instead of being in competition with each other, we hope that connecting the events being held from the far north to the south west will provide a ‘power in numbers’ mentality that will benefit farmers and AgTech companies alike,” she said.

“We recognise too that while there’s a lot of new AgTech in the marketplace now, not all of it has direct or easy use for the agriculture sector, so we see a very important part to play in keeping the ‘Ag’ in ‘AgTech’ and ensuring we can actively support new ideas that will solve on-farm problems.”

Jacqui Wilson-Smith from the Food Agribusiness Network (FAN), Sunshine Coast is also part of the group and said working cooperatively would achieve faster, more significant results for the sector.

“A lot of AgTech startups work in isolation and as a result, can find it quite difficult to get the cut through and the opportunity to trial with farmers on the ground,” Ms Wilson-Smith said.

“Collaboration is the best way to support Queensland in becoming a world leader in delivering smart, highly productive, efficient agri-food systems and technologies,” she said.

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